December 2022

“Get Ready – 2023 is Almost Here”

I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday season with friends and family. The fun still continues with New Year’s Eve coming this weekend. A lot of you have been off during this time and able to enjoy it. Some are back to work this week. Whatever your situation, take a little time to prepare for a good start to 2023. Here are five things I’m doing to get ready.

  1. Spring Cleaning in December – Cleaning out the office. Dumping paper, getting rid of things you don’t need or use. I’m a closet hoarder because I may use that lip balm ball I got at last month’s conference someday. You won’t, get rid of it. Declutter your office. Progress – 80% done.
  2. Email – Same as #1. It’s a beast to keep up with. I’ve gone through my email boxes (I have three) and purged tons of emails. I still have about 3,000 emails to sort through. Get rid of them or file them. If you go over your space limits, you’ll be paying money monthly for additional space. Here’s the perfect time to unsubscribe from emails you don’t read. Progress – 75% done.
  3. Filing – This goes for all your papers and computer files. Do as much as you can but if you don’t make much progress, I have a quick hack for you. Start fresh with 2023. Develop a new filing system. Notes, receipts, stories, pictures, whatever you’ve got. Create how you are going to file them in 2023. Progress – 40% done.
  4. Quarterly/Yearly Goals – I have already set my business goals for 2023 as this was done during my LaunchApex classes. I bet I’m further ahead than a lot of you. But it is one thing to set them and another to accomplish them. At least they are there and I know what direction I’m supposed to be moving towards. Income generating activities (sales) is a top priority. Progress – 90% done.
  5. Content Calendar – Here is something very new to me that I’m starting in 2023. I started this blog in August of 2022. I was realistic about it and decided to do one a week. I’ve been pretty consistent and think I only missed one week. I usually post on Wednesday but sometimes it may be Thursday or Friday depending on commitments. Sometimes I don’t know what I am writing about till late Tuesday night. Here’s where the content calendar comes in. I can be more purposeful and directional with my content. YouTube is a high priority. Progress – 20% done.

I’m not here today touting a system, software or app. Everyone has a system on how to do certain projects and tasks. You have to do what makes you comfortable, but also be accountable. Luckily, through LaunchApex, I will have a mentor for six months to keep me in line to reach my goals. He’s already challenged me by putting specific dates and midpoints on my quarterly tasks and goals. This way, adjustments can quickly be made.

Quite a bit of work is left but I still have some time. Still using the time left in 2022 wisely and looking forward to 2023. Here’s a piece of good news. I have a speaking engagement the first week of January! I also have another engagement set in April and a good lead for one in the fall. I’m excited to start the New Year, how about you? Let’s Keep Moving Forward…


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