If you’re planning your next meeting, annual conference, or association convention, you want your audience to be inspired, engaged, and ready to take action with tangible value from their ultimate experience. Peter Agiovlassitis blends compelling stories with strategic insights live or virtually to help organizations and people find their way.



  1. You’ll sleep really well at night.
    Peter is VERY ENGAGING with his audiences, combining serious content mixed with humility and humor. His style is humanistic storytelling, historical context and uplifting – all applicable and of interest to a wide demographic of listeners.
  2. You’re getting an expert in the hottest, most important topic in business today.
    If you can’t separate your organization from the competition, and you can’t attract and retain top customers and team members, how will your business grow? Peter Agiovlassitis has the answers based on experience!
  3. You’ll receive maximum value.
    From a pre-event video and a personal conference call to review content, to follow-up content and video after the speech, you will get much more when you select Peter Agiovlassitis.
  4. You’ll get a truly customized presentation.
    Because of the pre-work we do for you, Peter’s program is not a canned book report. It’s genuinely designed for your audience at your event. We have received many testimonials to the fact that Peter was “spot on” in his presentation.
  5. You know he’ll show up and be engaged for your live or virtual event.
    You won’t get a call saying something else has come up or there’s a conflict. Peter truly wants to be of service to you and your team.