Accomplished. Inspiring. Real.


Inspirational Keynote Speaker Peter Agiovlassitis takes you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery that inspires audiences to let go and get going. As audiences have realized, he brilliantly crafts a message that is straightforward and challenging. Peter has created a valuable and sustainable guide for those desiring to do what it takes to improve their station in life. Peter Agiovlassitis challenges people to become what they are meant to be. 

Peter is a top motivational change speaker who challenges people to stop digging a deeper hole and regain control of their life. Whether it’s a financial hole, an unhealthy relationship, an insurmountable to do list, or a self-destructive habit that is keeping them captive, Peter shares the secrets to unlocking your inner strength and regaining control of your life. Peter will challenge people to be accountable! 

The powerful thrust of Peter’s Keynote Presentation Moving Forward will launch you on a practical passage. However, be warned: Peter Agiovlassitis pulls no punches. He speaks without restraint or limitations and doesn’t soften the script. His straight-forward style goes below the iceberg of what to do when things are going wrong, and you find yourself descending into the hole. 

Through the power of humor and storytelling, Peter will teach attendees how to apply the same timeless principles of Moving Forward that have had a profound impact on his life. Peter sets the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and empowers attendees with performance strategies that will benefit your entire organization. 

This is the perfect Inspirational Keynote Presentation to open or close your conference to challenge your audience to continue moving forward through resiliency, adaptability, and setting goals. As a motivational business speaker, his message of Moving Forward will literally transform the way you look at industry challenges, your competition, business and personal goals.


“When you first meet some people, you can tell instantly what ignites their heart and soul. You can immediately hear and feel the spark when you listen to Peter Agiovlassitis speak. When the unforeseen happens, he will help you and your company keep moving forward.”

– John O’Connor, President, CareerPro, Inc.